A shared legacy

For four generations, the Laydis family have lived out their passion for wine, without ever making it their main profession: all have chosen different careers. But the call of the vineyard and the family estate always brings them home to the land that has been handed down from father to child since 1922.


Elegance and character

On the land of Château Roc de Calon, in the heart of Montagne Saint-Emilion, an ancestral skill is handed down through the generations in line with family tradition. A terroir in the image of those who produce its wines, giving the name its unique personality.


A life-force

Château Roc de Calon is a perfect example of the symbiosis between men and what they make: all of the estate’s cuvées seem to reflect the personality of somebody in the family. Every one a different character… and a family togetherness. Wine-lovers know how sharing a good wine brings people closer, creating a bond based on this special experience.

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